About Me


Dominika Scheibinger


I’m Dominika, Polish girl with German surname living in England. I moved to Bristol in 2006 and ever since I call this city my home.

I love taking photos. I know it sounds cliché but photography is the biggest passion of my life. When I was young, I tried play the guitar, running, singing, I even joined a basketball team. As you can see the list of my interests was quite long.

One day I found my dad’s old Zenit (film camera), bought Kodak film and started taking photos. When I told my parents I will be a photographer one day, they just smiled.

Few months later I was stuck at the train station. It was freezing cold and I only had my camera. I was there with homeless people whom I bought some food and cigarettes and – of course – took a couple of pictures.

When I was printing out those photos a person at the store told the pictures were incredible and he would like to show them around. This way I had my first exhibition. From that moment I knew that taking pictures is something I want to do in my life.

Being a photographer allows me to meet incredible people, I have a chance to hear their stories and present them to others. It has a meaning and I love it.

Privately I love meeting people, listening to their stories, visiting different places and photography is giving me this opportunity. When I’m not shooting, I can mostly be found travelling or just simply enjoying free time with my husband and friends in one of my favorite pubs in Bristol.